Sunday, January 20, 2008

January's "Teaser"

Oh me oh my, here's a little teaser for you to whet your appetite! I am so wanting to just curl up with all these cashmere yarns and am having a heckuva time letting them go out the door tomorrow! Oh yes, the surprise nice and I hope everyone likes it...I'm beyond pleased with it - just fabulous. We will have a guest appearance by the person responsible for the surprise too so keep watching the blog for more info in about a week's time.

I'm putting the club on hiatus until about March/April due to some pending commitments but have a few ideas brewing for when I re-start so stay tuned! It'll probably involve a club name change and a bit of re-focus but I'm hoping everyone will enjoy the idea too - it will, of course, still focus on luxury yarns :)

In the meantime, have a few cashmere dreams because these beauties are on their way tomorrow! Ahhhhhhhh, cashmere!!!


Mia said...

I can't wait to see the yarn. And I like the hint so I know I am going to like the new color.

And I am in no matter what. I think the two of us have ver similar tastes.

Jenny143 said...

Absolutely yummy!!! Thanks so much!

Count me in for the next round!
Enjoy your hiatus!

mel said...



I received the yarn yesterday in the mail (coincidentally, I also received the first shipment of my Blue Moon sock club yarn!). What a great day! Your yarn is GOOORGEOUS and SOOO SOFT. I want to take it to bed with me so I can snuggle. My boyfriend can scoot over, right? ;)